8th + Howard/SOMA Studios, San Francisco, California

Corner view: 8th + Howard streets. 8th Street elevation featuring geometric mural. elevation1: Brian Rose Neighborhood-serving commercial space conceals the parking podium. elevation2: Brian Rose Corner of 8th and Howard streets with grocery entrance. Drop-off and pick-up area for child-care center on Natoma Street. elevation along howard street Howard Street detail. The edge of 8th + Howard. Retail along 8th Street keeps things lively. inside market: Bill Owens inside grocery store colorful Retail windows and modern awning along Howard Street. Awning detail. DBARCHITECT Bus wrap graphics on the martial arts store. bike tour main entrance Howard Street main entrance with custom steel gate. Brian Rose Detail of entrance. Studio entrance. Garden entry provides a chance to decompress from the gritty urban neighborhood. Interior view of decompression courtyard. Courtyard. Courtyard provides a safe play area and event space for SOMA Studios residents. View of the Studio courtyard ground level marquee: Brian Rose Night view of marquee between private courtyards. Studio courtyard by night. studio courtyard blue facade The courtyard provides residents with plenty of open space and balconies. Balconies and planters provide semi-private outdoor spaces. Daycare from above: Brian Rose Daycare: Brian Rose Sumner Alley: Brian Rose The ear1: Brian Rose ear2: Brian Rose Detail view of the Family courtyard on the apartment side of the complex. Bike tour participants check out the studio courtyard. DB+P and South Park Fabricators collaborated on the design of the gate and fountain at the main entrance. Detail of custom gate. Family-side corridor and marquee. Community areas throughout provide opportunity for resident interaction. Family side common area. Studio-side lobby overlook. Double-height lobbies offer casual meeting and social spaces. Elevation rendering with 8th Street's color mural. podium level plan. ground level plan_new