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Pop-Up Placemaking: SPARC-It-Place A look at activating a site between acquisition and construction.

Inside the Art at Foundry Commons Through curation and commission, DBA_Inside puts together thoughtful art programs for community spaces.

The New Multifamily Modular DBA's shared modular-construction resource for developers, architects, contractors, and consultants.

Building Lightly in El Tejar DBA_Lab takes part in a design/build project in El Tejar, Guatemala

A Journey through our 2030 Commitment DBA's Sustainability Lead, Katie Ackerly, shares her thoughts on addressing the AIA's comprehensive performance initiative.

Behind the Scenes at DBA_Workshop DBA_Workshop builds custom casework, furniture, prototypes, and other creative projects in Oakland.

An Ode to the Podium Taller is better! Here's why.

The DBA Pin-Up Weekly pin-ups encourage looseness, creativity, and sharing across projects.

Saint Clare Coffee Comes to the SPUR Urban Center By Allison Arieff, SPUR Editorial Director

9 Ways to Build Community with Urban Housing A framework for urban housing design that uplifts residents and neighborhoods alike.

peepSHOW 2.0 for the 2016 Market Street Prototyping Festival Text PEEP to 22333 to help us win $5,000 to fund finishing peepSHOW!

Why We're "Pro" Pro Bono Donating our services for public-interest design has benefits for both the community and for our staff.

A Collaborative Approach to City Making: Lessons From Sydney Innovative planning in Sydney, Australia has resulted in great public spaces, highly visible public art and an embrace of density.

Constraints and Creativity Shape Affordable Housing for Seniors in Oakland, California

The Three C's: Strategies for Effective Common Spaces in Affordable (and Market Rate) Multifamily Create opportunities for crossings, connections, and community.

India's Shared Streets "Complete" streets are the norm in India's busy cities.

Design Begins with People Reflections on our community design charrette series for a re-imagined neighborhood in Asheville, North Carolina.

AIA 2030 Commitment DBA has signed on to the AIA 2030 Commitment with the goal of documenting building performance and moving toward net-zero.

Stepping into the Q Zone Exploring the rich edge between the building and the sidewalk.

11 Strategies for Building Community with Affordable Housing David Baker and Amit C. Price Patel share their design philosophy in the February issue of Urban Land Magazine.

The 30A Cognitive Dissonance Blues Amanda Loper reflects on the "perfection" of planned communities.

Art for All! Brit Epperson and Amit C. Price Patel discuss strategies and significance of including art in every building.

The Medellin Model From the World Urban Forum in Medellin, Colombia, Amit C. Price Patel reports on the city's bold urban innovations.

This Is Where ... Urban Field Notes: Amanda Loper explores some of the urban moments that make the city so vibrant.

Focus on the First 20 Feet Amanda Loper and David Baker, featured in SPUR's June Urbanist.

Densifying Design Amanda Loper proposes densifying design strategies as one piece of the urban housing solution.

DBA Workshop The DBA Workshop is located in the upcoming DBA-OAK office space near 21st Street and San Pablo Avenue in Oakland.

2012 Looking Back

2012 Looking Back: DBA was most fortunate to have a good year, full of great clients, collaborations, challenges, and accomplishments!

Acta Non Verba Youth Urban Farm Project Acta Non Verba Farm brings fresh food and breathes fresh life into the Tassafaronga community.

Anecdatal Evidence The health value of supportive affordable housing as evidenced by anecdote.

Cards We've refreshed our postcards with 8 new cards and a custom micro-manufactured case.

Great Second Street Second Street is about to get bike lanes and fresh pavement. Let's do it right with European-style Cycle Tracks!

2010: Interactive New Year's Wishes Our snail-mail custom labor-intensive coloring book for 2010!

Quilting (D)B David Baker is one of many creative contributors to the San Francisco Bike Coalition's 2009 Bike Quilt.

Transit-Oriented Developments David Baker discusses the merits of and strategies for creating Transit-Oriented Developments.

XERO Project in the Polls Our award-winning design for a zero-energy block in Dallas is in the running in a people's-choice straw poll—get the vote out for XERO Project and help bring a little DBA to TX.

Tiny Shelters Charrette In April 2009 David Baker was invited as the Bruce Goff Chair of Creative Architecture to spend a week at the University of Oklahoma Architecture School lecturing and teaching a short charrette ("workshop" in architect lingo!).

Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Award David Baker was recently dubbed one of the 30 most influential and innovative people in the housing industry of the past 30 years.

Residential Architect Honors Paseo Senter Paseo Senter gets national notice with a 2009 RADA Merit Award.

Emilie Baker Remembering Emilie Baker.

Slow Food Nation DBA and CCS Architects banded together with Slow Food Nation and local vendors and farmers to bring "slow fast food" to Civic Center Plaza.

Velo Vogue Profile: David Baker Does the bike (or the bell) make the man? Velo Vogue assesses David Baker.

Create Happy Outcomes Wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2008 from David Baker Architects!

Travels with db... In search of architecture, urban design, and transportation infrastructure!

Finishing Touches Doors are open at our 200 Second Street Condominiums in Oakland, and the building's two lofty lobbies have been adorned with murals by local artists Casey Jex Smith and Andrew Schoultz.

China (Work)shop David Baker and other Cal faculty lead the China Studio team to Jiaxing and back.

Critical Visit David Baker was invited to be the 2006 John Portman Visiting Critic at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Architecture this past autumn.

Unbundle New Urban Parking + Housing Lower parking requirements allow for more units of affordable housing, less urban traffic congestion, and increased urban vitality.

Architectural Design Strategies Lavishing creativity and consideration on the design of the human environment results in a link with future inhabitants.

Design of Community Design implementation requires community involvement, contextual design, and a lot of communication.

Mr. + Mrs. Bernard W. Baker Emilie Baker, 1914-2008 The best mom I ever had. Bernard W. Baker, 1899-1981 My dad was a self-trained architect who designed and built the solar house where I was born.

Office Views A snapshot of life at DBA.