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HOW-TO: RBS System DBA Random Batten Siding System

HOW-TO: Pedestrian Retail Designing retail for people is key to creating a vital urban environment

HOW-TO: Ceilings There's more to life than T-Bar hung ceilings

HOW-TO: Bicycle Parking Strategies for well-designed bicycle parking

HOW-TO: Wabi Sabi A small exploration of the Japanese concept of materiality and space

HOW-TO: Bicycle Toolbox Design tools for urban bicycle networks

HOW-TO: Signage Simple is best

HOW-TO: Stoops Enlivening the edges of urban buildings with personal connections

HOW-TO: Construction Type How construction type influences building form under the IBC in the Bay Area

HOW-TO: Gates Thoughtful entries set the tone

HOW-TO: Textured Concrete From rough to refined

HOW-TO: Corten Steel A materials exploration

HOW-TO: Green Outside the Property Line Strategies for sustainable design at and beyond the edge

Headshots David Baker Architects logo and headshots available for download

Mr. + Mrs. Bernard W. Baker Emilie Baker, 1914-2008 The best mom I ever had. Bernard W. Baker, 1899-1981 My dad was a self-trained architect who designed and built the solar house where I was born.

HOW-TO: Building Skins Exterior materials and approaches to building skins

HOW-TO: Metric Scales A guide to relating common metric scales to English counterparts