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Thank you for your interest in our firm. If you would like to contact a specific person or a person in a specific role, please see our People page.

If you are interested in getting in touch with us about a potential collaboration, to provide a service, to seek employment, or with another inquiry, please write to info@dbarchitect.com.

DBA_SFO is in the historic Clocktower Building, which we redesigned as a live-work space in 1996.

461 Second Street, Loft c127
San Francisco, CA 94107

DBA_SFO, our San Francisco office, is in the Clocktower Building on the corner of Second and Bryant Streets in SOMA. To gain entry, please call #127 from the front gate telephone. If you call from a cell phone, we cannot buzz the gate release! Once inside, make the first left and the first right. Our office is behind the large glass doors. 

DBA_OAK on San Pablo Avenue in Outer Uptown.


2135 San Pablo Avenue (office)
2040 Castro Street (workshop)

Oakland, CA 94612

DBA_OAK is our Oakland architectural office and also includes DBA_Workshop, our prototyping and fabrication studio. We're in "Outer Upper Uptown" on the corner of  San Pablo Avenue and Castro Street (right next door to the Greyhound Bus Depot). 


DBA-BHM is located in the dynamic makerspace MAKEbhm.

4000 Third Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222
this location by appointment only


DBA_BHM is located in the creative collective workspace MAKEbhm in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham.